Business Development - Supplier Readiness

The REEVELL ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT (RED) Entrepreneur Development programme is structured not only to develop the entrepreneur, but also work through our structure development programme up until business establishment and funding.

There are 3 phases to the Entrepreneur Development programme as indicated below, but the candidate can enter any programme, depending on the need.

  1. 1. Business Development Supplier Readiness (3 days)
  2. 2. Work Readiness (4 weeks)
  3. 3. New Venture Creation (12 months)

This brochure highlights the Supplier Readiness Programme (3 days).


From experience, the following common problems exist with identified start ups :

  1. Limited capacity of the community with respect to managing and operating a hospitality business;
  2. Inadequate business experience including the development of viable operational business plans for commercialization;
  3. No start up capital or operational funding;
  4. Poor governance and accountability mechanisms; and
  5. Lack of access to markets and private sector partnerships.

As a minimum, the following will be planned for :

  1. Human Resources, Operations, Marketing and Business Development;
  2. Facilitate linkages to established businesses and industry experts;
  3. Ensure that businesses are marketed, branded and graded;
  4. Assistance in accessing finance (grant, equity, loan etc) to maximise growth potential; ( IDC / SEFA / NEF / SEDA /Dti / etc.)
  5. Training on specific skills needed by the businesses. Training will consist of a combination of accredited and non accredited training programmes, that also includes practical outcomes based skills
  6. Development that empowers those being trained to implement what they have learned; Business support and mentoring (this would be tabled as a closing report to the client on what can be provided to ensure growth and a sustainable business).