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A web-based skills development and labour management tool.

LabourMS is a compact solution with features that will enable you to digitize, optimize and securely store employee training, performance reviews, scheduling and attendance, leave and compliance certificates. With thorough research and careful crafting we have created a solution that will help you identify the skill-needs for your company and help you achieve your goals. Submit your WSP and ATR on time and get those grants. Manage employee schedule and attendance and do performance reviews based on measureable goals.

Give your SDF the software they deserve. Let them spend time on what matters, and let LabourMS handle the tideous tasks!

Let your site-admin become a problem solver and let LabourMS do the repetitive and straining tasks. LabourMS loves saving you time!

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LabourMS Features

Top 10 Features


Corporate Development Plan

Setup quantifiable goals for your company. These ojectives will pave the way for other functionalities of the LabourMS


Hard To Fill Vacancies

Start documenting positions that are hard to fill.


Personal Development Plan

Setup training objetives for your employees that matches a corporate objective plan or fills a gap in skills.


Job Profiling

Setup job profiles with requirements and competencies, in accordance with the Seta's OFO Code requirements


Skills Gap Analysis

Prepare for projects / objectives by making sure your team has the correct skills for the job!



Go paperless with this application tool designed to be functional and time-saving.


Scheduling & Attendance

Ensure human resources is used efficiently and avoid scheduling mishaps. A proper tool for a proper manager


Performance Review

Review employee performance by measuring output and timelines against quantifiable goals.



Save time by using our automated WSP and ATR template. Get those grants! Never miss submission deadlines with our notification system!


Compliance Management

Ensure every employee has updated compliance certificates, receive reminders on expiring certificates and safely store compliance documents.


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